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Frequently Asked Questions :


How do I know Counselling will work for me?
It is true to say that counselling alone will not 'work' for everybody or for every situation.  Occassionally, referral to other specialised services is required.  Counselling is not a 'quick fix' and the individual/couple must be ready and willing to engage in the process.  The process is not designed to tell you what to do or to offer a solution.   The theraputic relationship helps to enable you to develop self awareness, so that you can make lasting changes which benefit your emotional, physical and mental wellbeing. 


How long is each session?
Each session is 1 hour long, of this 55mins is generally used to focus on the issues, the other 5 minutes are taken up with arranging next appointment dates/payment etc.



How many sessions does it generally take?
Generally, most people start to feel a benefit from attending the first session, however,  for longterm positive change to occur a commitment to 6 sessions is recommended, this is so that a good theraputic relationship can develop and we can fully explore the issues which brought you to counselling in the first place.  
Some individuals require more in depth, and therefore, longer term counselling.  As each case is unique it is impossible to determin an 'average' length therapy.  We will regularly re-assess progress, so that we can mutually determin progress an to ensure that there is appropriate time for 'good endings'.  It is important to voice any concerns you may have about your counselling sessions, length of therapy etc. as suddenly stopping therapy can be detrimental to overall well being and progress.  



How much does a session cost?
Currently  a session for one to one individuals costs £45; couples therapy is £55; for student counsellors in 'therapy it is £40; for  supervision of student/counsellors it is £45.  There is a strict 24 hour cancellation policy to ensure that room/ professional costs are covered and to avoid vacant appointment slots which could have been given to someone else who may be on the waiting list.   I will do my best to swap appointments etc. to minimise this fee being levied, however, as you can appreciate without sufficient notice it is difficult to make other arrangements  and I will then need to cover the overheads levied on me. This Can vary from £20 to £45 dependent on the situation.



How can I be sure that no-one else will know I am attending counselling?
Friends and family will not be informed that you are attending counselling, however, it is often beneficially  to let close family and friends know so that they can help support you as you go through therapy. The information exchanged in the sessions will be kept confidential, however, I am ethically and legally bound to breach this confidentiality if you disclose any information that I believe indicates that you are a risk to yourself or others, or if information is demanded as part of a court order.  If any of the above were to occur I would tell you in advance prior to any formal discloseur.  
If we were to 'bump into eachother' outside of the therapy room i.e a social occassion or at the local supermarket, unless you approached me directly, I would not approach you, other than polite acknowledgement, e.g a smile or nod.



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